Hi my name is Lauren, but ya people call me lots of other things....lol... I love Chris! ummm la la la la i dont know what to put here....ya my favorite funny movie of all time is probably cool runnings, and my favorite "scary" movie of all time is the ring (even tho it wasnt scary) humm...my favorite sport (YES IT IS A SPORT) is horseback riding....humm what else do i wanna say....ya i dunno...ill add more later if i think of something

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Hi this is my side section.....lol i have no idea what i should put here bc i already have one of those profile dealys humm i think ill hit a bunch of those buttons up there and c what happens

ohhh its a bar

lol ya the rest of them r kinda no fun...so i wont add them

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Saturday, April 24, 2004
Yea....everyone else is puttin this stuff in their PF..so here r my answers

*1. name: Lauren


*2. sex: Female


*3. birthday : January 1.1989


*4. hair color: Brown


*5. eye color:  Lightish brown


*6. writing hand: right




*8. can you roll your tongue : Yuppers


*9. can you raise one eyebrow at a time? : Yup!


*10. can you blow smoke rings :  ummm..no...y would i wanna smoke...SICK


*11. can you blow spit bubbles : no thanks


*12. can you cross your eyes: yuppers


*13. can you flip your eyelids out :  nope


*14. tattoos and where : EWWW ink in skin no thank you


*15. do you have any piercings, if so then were? Umm i have both of my ears pierced




*24. what are you wearing right now? Jeans and a sweatshirt that says LUCKY


*25. favorite place to shop? the mall


*26. how much money is usually in your wallet : Umm 0-20 bucks


*27. would you rather be on time and look ok or late and look great: Id rather be on time and look great....im good at all of that time management stuff....usually




*28. do you twirl your spagetti or cut it : Twirl...I'm Italian...I eat it right


*29. what utensils do you use eating pizza : my hands...unless its deepdish...then a knife and fork...


*30. do you cook : ummm sometimes...but im bad at it

*31. hair drying method : Umm i towel dry it...then i let it dry the rest of the way just naturally...then i straighten it...


*32. do you swear : not unless im mad....




*33. person you talk most on the phone with : ummm i dont talk on the phone much...but yea.. probably Chris...i dunno...i like aim...so i dont really use the phone much...to much effort


*34. what color are your bed sheets : umm white w flowers


*35. name one thing you're obsessed with : Ummm lots of things...horses...yea lauren is a dork...


*36. do you talk in your sleep:  ummm i dont exactly know.....


*37. sleep with a stuffed animal: nope..




*38. watched bambi :  Ummm like a year ago...i watched it while i was babysitting w the kid so they wouldnt try to kill me....


*39. cried : umm a good bit in the last few hours...we all love you Carl


*40. talked on the phone: um...well jess called me really quick like 10 min ago... lol


*41. read a book: Umm well right now i just finished "Of Mice and Men" for CA and im almost done w the forth "Gossip Girl" book!!


*42. punched someone : never have.....


*43. your profession: ummm dont have one right now...but i wanna be a lawyer...so watch out


*44. future school : William Woods University




*45. What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others? Definatly their eyes


*47. Would you marry for money? No..thats mean...


*48. Have you had braces? Yea...i had them for 3 years...


*49. Could you live without a computer? ummm probably not..


*50. Do you drink enough water? Probably not


*51. Do you wear shoes in the house or take them off? No shoes in the house! 

*52. What is your favorite fruit? ummm kiwi....or maby strawberries...oh we i love them all

*53. Do you eat wheat bread or brown? ummm the white kind...like WONDERBREAD! 

*54. What is your favorite place to visit? probably the barn...or ne where where there r friends of mine

*55. What is the last movie you saw? ummm it was.... "The Whole Ten Yards


*56. Are you photogenic? NOOOOO


*57. Color or black and white? umm depends what its for


*58. Did you like high school? yea...its a blast


*60. When you are asleep do you like being awoken with a kiss? ummm never happened b4...lol


*61. Do you like sunrises or sunsets the most? sunsets...there sooo pretty


*62. Is a flat stomach important to you? ummmm not really..


*66. When you watch movies at home, do you like the lights on or off? off..its easier to c the movie

*69. Do you like your hair? yea....


*71. Do you think you can draw well? definatly not...


*72. Do you listen to music daily? yea....i like music


*74. At what age did you find out that Santa Claus wasn't real? umm probably 9 or 10


*75. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet? ummm lots....like at least 10


*76. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday or do you like a variety? Variety...variety is fun


*77. Do you smile a lot? always


*78. Do you cry a lot? nooo...im usually pretty happy


*82. Do you know someone who has cancer? Sadly enough....


*83. Do you like fast food joints, or expensive restaurants? fast food its easier


*84. Are you basically a happy person? Definatly


*84. Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today? Yuppers


*85. How many phones do you have in your house? ummm i think 5ish


*86. How long is your hair? just past my sholders


*87. Do you get along with your parents?: most of the time


*89. What does your bedroom look like? umm a bed..a dresser...a nighstand..a desk...a closet...and ugly green walls that i wanna paint over


*90. Do you like older, younger or same age girls/guys? umm dosnt matter too much..


*91. Would you date someone who smokes? EWW YELLOW TEATH RUN AWAY!!


*92. Does a girl/guy have to be rich?  no...personality is what matters...and kinda looks


*93. Do you prefer taller, shorter or same height girls/guys? again...dosnt matter much


*94. Would you date a guy/girl your friend likes or used to like? i would talk to the person who also likes him first to make shure i didnt hurt her....then i would as long as she didnt give me a good reason not to...


*95. Short- or long-haired girls/guys? ummmmm not like supershort...but not superlong eather..


*96. Honestly, when it comes down to dating a person, do looks really matter? slightly...not too much tho...looks r nice..but personality is more important


*97. Do you like girls/guys that are built or more skinny? not super skinny...but not like super muscular or fat eaither....


*98. What is the one thing that you couldn't live without in a girl? I dont like girls.......not like that


*99. How long do you think a high school relationship should last? as long as possible


*100. What makes you smile the most? my friends and Chris

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Yea just so everyone knos i got an Xanga now too...i was really bored....so ill write in both lol the adress thingy for the Xanga is www.xanga.com/lanky189 yea so check it out...sighn the guestbook...and all that fun stuff.....lyl

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Fun night

Lol last night was fun... i had some people over....and at first i thought it was just gunna be a few of us girls..but then erica...who i thought couldnt go...showed up w kyle...who i thought couldnt go...so i was like thats crazy...so ya were all partyin and then pat calls...and so hes like yea i can come now...so i give him directions (which were wrong...oops...srry pat) and then like 5sec latter Chris calls! and so hes like yea i can come now...can i talk to kyle...and then carol was like give me the phone...and she did this like dead on impression of kyles voice i swear it was hilarious!! so finally Chris accualy gets to talk to kyle and so now he can come!! so yea inside we had been playin pool and stuff and then we were playin twister and then pat showed up...and then we went outside and waited for chris to show up...and then yea it was fun we were all like goofin off and being crazy and gettin yelled at...lol...i think we were bein a bit loud lol...so then everyone had to go *tear* but yea so then everyone but kelly and michelle left so yea i said bye to everyone and me and kelly and michelle were like running around waiting for their parents and then michelle's mom came and then kelly's mom came. so then yea i got online for like 5 min and then my sister stole the computer so i gott off and went to bed!! what a crazy night lol!!! it was soooo fun!!! well thats all for now....lylal


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Sunday, April 11, 2004
Yesterday rocked

Well yesterday was fun and a half!! lol so ya ne ways...so Me, Erica, Hannah, Melissa, and Carol went to the mall and that was fun!! lol.....so ya.....we shoped a lot lol and then Erica's mom picked us up from the mall and we went to the theater to get our tickets....then we went to pinera for dinner and then we went back to the theater for everyone to show up! and then i saw katlyn there lol that was fun!! and so ya eventually Chris, Kyle, Loarn, Billy, and Michel Healy showed up...and then the movie started and the movie was good lol.... ya ne ways i gotta go bc ya i have to clean my bird's cadge and then i have hw to do and then i have to go to easter mass....so ya ill talk to u guys sometime later....lylal

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Friday, April 09, 2004
Superfun day at the barn!

wooo lol today at school...well it was no fun...but o well lol bc then i got to go up to the barn...so first me and Ali were bringing in jumps into the arena and that was fun lol...and then julie said that i should ride Indy today...and i was like "uhhh ohhh" and so ya...i rode him for a while and that was slightly scary but it was fun!! and then Ali turned out her cute little pony Jelly and then i helped Lyndsey and Grace Turn out Rhyan's new horsey.. which was slightly scary lol he was like charging me and lyndsey!! Then Lyndsey and I were trying to get the peeper logo off of my sweatshirt lol that was great fun!! and then i got to ride cool in a lesson and he was such a good boy!! he jumped 2 6" for me and it even had like a special pole in front of it that made it trickier!!! i was like YAY COOL!! ya so cool is the coolest horsey ever!! lol so ya i took the saddle and walked him around bareback for a while so he could cool down and then i brushed him off and put him back and stuff....and then my dad came so i had to go....bye bye barn!!

Ya tomarrow is gunna be fun too!! woo i get to hang out w a bunch of my buddies and then were gunna go to the movies and were gunna meat some of our guy buddies YAY chris is gunna be there lol... ne ways so ya that should be quite fun...and i was reading lyndsey's Blog and i found out that Ali's b-day is like really soon lol im never told these things....so ya i think im gunna pick something up for her if i can find something!! lol well thats all for now lol this was a long entery!


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Friday, April 02, 2004
Fun day at the barn!

woo today was fun! lol so i woke up at like 8oc this morning so i could be up at the barn by 9 30 so i could help Julie, Lyndsey, and Jill load Peebers, KC, and Indie and some stuff of theirs and take them up to Halmark! and then we went to go c the new house that Julie and Jill r gunna share which was fun,then we went to lunch at "chunkys" lol that was fun, so then we went back up to the barn and we got some horses turned out and stuff and then we got ready for the show, so then we wend up to the show till like 8 and so i called my dad and i was like "can i spend the night at Julie's house tonight?" but i couldnt which was stinky! so the way home was fun too bc we were all being silly singing along to music on the raido...we ended up like dancing in our seats too lol it was great fun!


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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Wow im bored...lol ya today was school, which was late arival day, and pe was evil!! lol they made us do sooo much omg my averege heart rate was 174 and i spent over 8 min above 185  bpm!! when i left i was like ahhhhhh im dead!! lol pe is evil, but this is my last year of it so im just gunna deal w it and get a good grade so i never have to deel w it ever again!! lol i also just found out that i might have my chorale tryouts tomarrow and ya im just getting over a cold....and my voice is gunna be all crazy and im not gunna be able to sing like half of the notes in my range!! omg!! i really really wana make corale and i wanna make soprano in corale bc i can sing both soprano and alto, but i like soprano better, its easier for mea and its more fun for me!! so ya everyone wish me luck!! lol jess says i should have a cough drop b4 bc it will make my voice more like normal, so im gunna give it a shot....lol ahhh scary!! ya the other problem is that when im singing all alone for someone i get all nervous and my voice does crazy things like it cracks and squeeks and like wont work....problems!! lol ya ive been freeking since i found out, maby thell be next week, that would be good, my voice will be back to normal by then....erg!!

Ne ways back to happier subjects....tomarrow night is Erica's Birtyday party!! wooo thats gunna be fun lol erica told me that if i show up smelling like horses then shell be mad, but i told her i always take a really good shower when i get back from the barn!! ya i also heard that theres a show this weekend, so i might try to catch some of that....we shall c....lol!! well thats all for now folks..


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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Wooo ya last night rocked lol!! i got to go to chris's house w a bunch of people and it was fun!!! woo lol ummm ya so everyone was playing basketball, and michelle and carol kept trying to rack the guys lol and then i was showing michelle and carol some constelations woo that was fun lol, then kyle couldnt find ne of them, poor kyle lol. then we went back inside and people were taking pics...lol ya ne ways it was fun!!

Note from kyle:"Kyle succesfully didnt get racked all night, just ball tapped"

lol kyle is a funny guy lol...well thats all for now!

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Friday, March 19, 2004
Back from vacation, but now im bored

well last night i got back from Los Angeles at about 10 15 ish......ya vacation was fun, it was really hot there the whole time and i got to go to disney land and california adventures and a bunch of other fun stuff...i saw larry king at breakfast one morning and i saw Regius on the street in front of Gramins Chinese Theater. that was cool.....but ya now im home and im really bored, im gunna leave for the barn early i think, i really miss all of my friends so it kinda stinks that i didnt get to c them today, but i think ill get to c them tomarrow so that will be fun. wow im bored lol im sitting here, theres nowone online, im listening to hary chapin and im gunna die of bordom! gr! lol well thats all for not folks lol ill ttyl!

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Monday, March 15, 2004
About to leave for LA

Hey guys, i just thought id leave a goodbye for everyone here!! lol im headed to LA in about an hour. its gunna be so fun, we have a bunch of great stuff stuff planned. ill be back around 10 on thursday if ne one needs to talk to me just send me an e mail to either Lanky189@everestkc.net or Blowakiss189@netscape.net i can get to either one through the internet now thanks to Chris lol... Well thats about all i have to say for now, Chris- I love you, and all of my friends, im gunna miss u a lot!! leave me e mails and ill c u when i get back lylal ill talk to u soon!!

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